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How the #StrongGirlSummer Challenge Works:

  • This challenge is all about consistency and results. The goal is to stay consistent over the busy demands of summer by completing short, but intense and effective metabolic conditioning workouts. These workouts are specifically designed to create maximum physique change in 20 minutes or less, with consistency. These are weight training workouts, but you'll definitely feel the cardio burn!

  • This challenge will take place in a private Facebook group--so yes, you will need an account. You will "check in" each day via Facebook using a photo (can be a sweaty selfie, a quote, shot of your workout space, your workout partner, or funny meme--whatever works!) Earn bonus points by sharing your check-in to social and using the hashtag #StrongGirlSummer and tagging me. For example, my description may be "just finished a quick but brutal Total Body Workout...the sweat is pouring @theashleyprine. Feeling stronger every day! #StrongGirlSummer"   

  • In order to complete the challenge, you must complete 4 workouts over the 7 days. Yes, this is going to be tough! That’s why it’s a challenge, after all. But all workouts are all less than 20 minutes in length, and since the goal is consistency, I want you to do what you need to to get them in! Join this awesome community of women taking part in this momentum-building challenge!  

  • The workouts are intense! So I am recommending you do them as is, with as much restorative extras (walking, yoga etc) thrown in as you want. The goal is quick, hard and results-driven. And this might even give your mind a little workout, too, if you are someone who tends to be in the gym for hours. We are focused on results, not duration during #StrongGirlSummer because we have plenty of other shit to do and kids to chase around this summer.  

  • I'll provide the exact workouts via our Facebook Group. On Monday, June 6th, you'll receive FOUR brand new #StrongGirlSummer workouts. They'll all be 20 minutes or less and you'll be able to pick and choose which ones you want to do. In order to get all 4 required workouts in the 7-day length of the challenge, I recommend scheduling workouts your workouts out with at least 1 rest day in the middle. You can do the workouts at home with dumbbells (I recommend 1 heavier and 1 lighter set) or at a gym.  

  • How to win: Everyone who completes the 4 workouts (as verified by your shares in our Facebook group) will be entered to win prizes, including gift cards, coaching with me and a spot in my new 8--Week #StrongGirlSummer coaching program, starting JUNE 20th!  

  • More to come once you register (click the button to join now) and as always, if you have any questions, you can always email me:

Hi, I'm Ashley!

I can't wait to have you in our #StrongGirlSummer FREE challenge. I'm pumped to get you results, accountability, guidance, support and sweat during our time together. 

As a busy mom and business owner, my exercise (and nutrition) philosophy is no-bullshit. I love short-duration, high-intensity workouts to get the job done and not waste your time. 

These 20-minute or less workouts will leave you breathless and burning. Metabolic Conditioning workouts allow you to maintain muscle while upping the shred factor. 

I often see women struggling with consistency and accountability--especially during this busy season of life. The #StrongGirlSummer Challenge was created to help you gain momentum and do it with an amazing team of women cheering you on. 

I can't wait to see you there!



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