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Can you hit your protein goals for 5 days?

Let me help you understand why protein is crucial to your diet and help you get enough. 

#PROTEINWEEK is a free challenge that begins Monday, January 16.

How the 5-Day #PROTEINWEEK challenge works:

  • The name of the game is consistency and results! The goal is to dial in our protein for a short 5-Days. I'll teach you why protein is so important, how to track it easily and understand the number you should hit for your body. 

  • This is an online challenge! You will "check in" each day in our private Facebook community. Extra entries to those of you that post to Instagram and tag me at @theashleyprine using #PROTEINWEEK.

PS. To post to IG you must have a public account.

  • In order to complete the challenge, you must complete hit your protein for 5 days. I know…it's going to be tough. That's why it's a challenge, after all! BUT…

  • I'll provide you with my exact MMAC framework for understanding the value of adequate protein intake, how to map out your numbers, track them properly and lean on our community for accountability. This is the same framework I teach my 1-on-1 clients! 

  • How to win: Everyone who achieves their protein intake each day (verified by their Facebook Group check-ins) will be entered to win prizes, including 1-on-1 coaching with me and gift cards for your choice of programming! 

  • More to come once you register (click the button below to join now) and as always, if you have any questions, you can always email me at

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Protein Week SignUp

How the 5-Day #PROTEINWEEK challenge works:

I'm a certified nutrition coach who loves food. Ironic? Not really.

After spending most of my 20's obsessively yo-yo dieting I swung hard the other way after I had kids. I needed balance. I needed to fuel my body well. I needed energy for workouts and kids. (Lot's of energy.)

When I finally started focusing on eating enough food for my body and a healthy balance of macronutrients, everything clicked.


No more fad diets or white-knuckling through restriction. I'm eating the way I always wanted to.  

Now I teach other women to do the same. I can't wait to help you eat MORE and feel AMAZING. 

We start Monday...are you in?

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