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My Favorite Costco Finds

This month in my private training community, In Your Corner, we are honing back in on nutrition and macros. Making nutrition uncomplicated has become a passion of mine----there are plenty of ways we can still enjoy ourselves, eat healthy and not have to dive into crazy Pinterest recipes and expensive grocery lists.

So, I wanted to share what I buy for my family to keep it (relatively) uncomplicated. Let's be real, kids survive on snacks so I still feel like I'm in my kitchen 95% of my day. #momlife

Stay tuned for Aldi + Trader Joe's hauls...but first, let's chat Costco.

First, I think the Costco membership is totally worth it. I tend to hit Costco weekly for produce and anything I need to stock up on at the moment. In addition to grocery items, I love Costco for household items like TP, paper towels, garbage bags, dishwashing detergent and even the random clothing or book find. Also, they have bottles of Prosecco that are only $6.99. I have it on good authority that they aren't too bad.

Click through each photo to see how I use each item to make cooking easy and still allow me to meet my macros.

Not pictured:

  • Organic, all natural peanut butter.

  • Meat/deli counter favorites: we grab a package of Ribeyes, freeze them separately and split them between Derrick and I when we throw them on the grill. I almost always buy a rotisserie chicken when I swing through. It's a great snack that helps meet macros and bonus, my kids eat it.

  • Egg white cartons: I throw these in the freezer and thaw out when needed. Whenever I make an egg bake, egg muffins or just scramble eggs, I always throw a few in for lean protein. You don't even know they are there!

  • Hummus and Guac cups: if you are the only one in the family that likes these items it's great to have individual servings.

  • Canned Black Beans: I often add these as a side to our tacos or mexican dishes. They also are handy for soups!

  • Salad Kits: Be careful with these because they can be packed with fat and sugar, but I do find them handy for big family dinners.

  • Snacks: I have two kids....and buy a lot of snacks.

What's your favorite Costco find? Any recipes you'd like to share?

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