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Macro-Friendly Grill Meal Plan

Macro tracking and the idea of putting together a whole meal plan that hit's your numbers can often feel overwhelming. Trust me, I have many Pinterest boards with allllll the recipes.

By the way, if you haven't checked out this post about getting started with Macro Tracking, I definitely recommend it. If are looking for a step-by-step approach that takes you through 4 weeks of building habits, I also include a 32-page guidebook and more education in my private training group.

So, here's a simple meal plan that is perfect for this time of year--many of these recipes can easily be thrown on the grill and are pretty easy when it comes to prep.

A few tips when meal planning for your own family:

  1. Consider making one breakfast bake for the entire week. Or, at least hard-boiling eggs for crazy mornings. Protein oatmeals and bakes work well too!

  2. Batch meals. If you have a recipe you love that you could freeze easily, double or triple it. Bam, easy dinner done.

  3. Use dinner for leftovers. Always make double of what you are making and use it for lunch the next day. Whether you toss protein on a salad or warm-up leftovers too, this makes it super easy to prep and grab on your way out the door.

  4. Keep it simple. You'll notice a lot of my meals (especially for grill season) are protein, carb, veg. I save my complicated recipes for the weekend when I have more time. I suggest picking out only 1 new recipe every week and giving yourself grace the rest of the week by keeping it simple so you can stay successful.

Does this help? Share your meals this week by tagging me on Instagram: @theashleyprine!

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