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4 Nutrition Masterclasses

to dive into education and understanding of the WHY behind nutrition topics,

how to implement and coaching to help you see it through.

No overhauls here. 

Expect easy to implement, bite-sized changes that make a big impact when practiced overtime. 

What you get:

Enroll in the Nutrition Masterclass series and you'll receive: 

  • 4 Nutrition masterclasses: Each class will be held every other Monday starting June 27 at 7pm CT. Recordings will be posted within 24 hours so you can catch them on demand if live doesn't work for you. You'll have lifetime access to these recordings.  

  • I'll be breaking down our topic and walking you through implementation during our call. You'll have access to group coaching with me directly afterwards. Come with all your nutrition questions! It'll be the perfect time to implement small, sustainable changes WITH support. 

  • These masterclasses will cover topics like:

    • How to calculate the number of calories you should be eating for your goal

    • Meal planning and prepping

    • How to properly track your food (without it being annoying AF)

    • How to (really) eat mindfully

    • How to increase your metabolism by EATING MORE 

    • How to stop the yo-yo cycle of binging and restricting (and more behind the reason you actually do it)

  • This is an $800 value that I'm offering this one time for $79! ​

Why this Nutrition Masterclass Series?

Can I be totally honest? I'm OVER all the confusing information out there about nutrition. I've seen too many women over exercise and under eat, lose their joy around food or yo-yo too many times. I'm on a mission to help women eat more food and fuel their bodies well. 

So, I created these masterclasses. 


We could do all of these things in our twenties without seeing the repercussions to our metabolism, but now--not so much. It's time for real advice that you can implement over the long-haul. (If you are looking for a quick fix with these classes this is NOT the place.) 


Over these 4 weeks we'll break down a topic (or two) and dive into the why behind it so that you understand how it will work for you. We'll implement it together and then dive into questions you may have. I'll also send you off with marching orders. After all, learning is great but change only happens when you implement. 

Every other week starting Monday, June 27th at 7pm sharp, we'll jump on a call together to discuss our topic and implement it together.

Are you in?


Our first masterclass starts in

Here's what Kylie had to say about my
workout + step by step nutrition plan:

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Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 3.04.47 PM.png
  • What equipment do I need?
    You'll definitely need bands for this program! I recommend these mini-bands from Amazon. The fabric ones are extra durable, but I don't recommend them for upper body movements as they don't allow enough range of movement. If you have them, feel free to sub them in when your form can remain intact, otherwise, I don't recommend them.
  • What fitness levels is this group for?
    The workouts can be scaled to any level. I always offer modifications for complex movements or options to decrease intensity if needed. Expect to be challenged. Side note: if you are looking for progressive overload and hypertrophy training-this isn't the program for you. I recommend my build program that incorporates dumbbells and barbells into the mix. PS. I always preach, growing from where you are. Take the options that work best wherever you are starting from.
  • How long is each workout?
    Most workouts will range from 30-40 minutes. Bonus HIIT and Core workouts will max out 20 minutes.
  • I have more questions..
    Good! Shoot me a message at and we can chat!
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