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Never diet again.
Macros Made Right is here to help you
achieve your goals, with confidence and without restriction. 

Starts Monday, November 7. Space is limited. 

It was only a few years ago when I started a new diet about every 3 months. After a few weeks of psyching myself up, preparing and overthinking, I'd dive ALL IN on Monday.

By Friday I'd face plant into a bowl of ice cream and a whole lot of YOLO over the weekend. 

Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so. 

Going all in instead of making small sustainable changes, was a vicious cycle for me. So instead, I started giving myself more grace during the week. I prioritized what foods I wanted while eating the foods I needed. I said yes to more dinners out or ice cream with my kids, even though it wasn't the weekend. 

Eventually, I didn't eat everything in sight over the weekend because I'd "earned it."

Instead of focusing on what I couldn't eat, I started focusing on

how to fuel my body with the right foods without being perfect 100% of the time.


It's not surprising that it actually worked. 

By finally getting out of a deprivation mindset and focusing on how to eat for the body I wanted, I was finally able to achieve my goals without giving up everything I loved or feeling hangry as hell.

If you're ready to break this cycle too, understanding Macros is for you.

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Macros Made Right: Accelerator is for you if you have tried every diet and you still feel stuck. If you want more food freedom, to eat enough to fuel your body and mind and desire an exact formula based on science to get to your goals—this is for you. 

In this accelerated 4 week course, we'll focus on maintaining your weight so you can enjoy the indulgences that come this time of year. But, you’ll also take this time to understand macros, how they work for your body and gain the knowledge and confidence to see the process through in the new year. 

Macros Made Right is here to help you find a plan that works for your body and goals so you never have to diet again. 

I guarantee you will walk away feeling empowered to make decisions about your nutrition

that you know will lead you to the result you want. 

What you can expect:


Through my MMAC framework, I'll help you understand: 

  • The Methodology behind macros and why they work for every body. 

  • How to Measure your food and progress accurately and easily

  • How to take Action with small, sustainable changes including how to plan your meals 

using my 3S system for meal planning: Keep it Satisfying, Simple, Satiating

  • Connect you with a Community of like-minded women for support and accountability during the process. 

You'll also receive:

  1. Access to my entire Macros Made Right module library and resources for LIFE so you can reference throughout your entire journey. This includes information on exactly how to calculate your numbers, track adjust and accommodate for special dietary limitations or circumstances. 

  2. Detailed meal-plans that are totally adjustable to YOUR macro needs. I'll include breakfast, lunch and dinners, easy ways to adjust each meal, grocery lists and snack ideas. Think #MealPlanMonday but on 'roids. You can follow it to a T, or make it your own as you keep learning about what your body needs and how to adjust. 

  3. Weekly power coaching calls so you can discuss hot topics, answer questions and help keep you on track. You are not left to your own devices here--instead, I'll help you stay the course so you can see this program through--consistently and effectively for the long-run.

  4. 20 minute 1-on-1 calls with me every month to review your numbers, measurements and anything else you want to dive deeper on. This allows you personalized coaching for a fraction of the price. Note, I normally don't include 1-on-1 training in my Macros Made Right course--this is typically reserved for my 1-on-1 nutrition clients. But I really want you to feel empowered and confident to implement what you learn here in the New Year. Because of this, space is extremely limited.  

  5. 12 Week complimentary access to Macros Made Right Mentorship where you'll have community and additional resources as you progress to your goals. 

  6. The opportunity for continued support and accountability at a fraction of the price of 1-on-1 nutrition coaching...because this journey is life-long, I want to provide you with the support and accountability you might need as you move forward. 

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What results can I expect?

​Everyone comes in with different goals to this program. But you can expect to:

  • Understand why tracking Macros work to get to your goal and fuel your body appropriately

  • How to track and meal plan in a way that is effective and enjoyable for you

  • How much to eat for your body and the body you want (this is not a cookie cutter plan!)

  • How to understand when to make adjustments to your plan and when you need to trust the process.

  • Find balance and food freedom not only through the holidays but into the New Year.

  • Finally feel empowered and confident in your plan with tools based in science.

Macros Made Right is here to help you find a personalized plan with group accountability.

Macros Made Right Accelerator Starts In


Who is this for?

  • Those who are sick of fad diets and yo-yoing in and out of them. 

  • Those who want a custom macronutrient guide for their needs and goals

  • Those looking for a flexible, non-restrictive diet

  • Those who love data and numbers

  • Those with fat to lose and muscle to gain (basically, you aren’t already extremely lean and mean)

  • Those who are a healthy weight but want to change their body composition by losing fat and gaining muscle

  • Those who love food and want to eat a variety of it as much as possible while still achieving goals

  • Those who want a scientific approach

Who is this NOT for?

  • Those who want a cookie-cutter meal plan or someone to "tell them exactly what to do" The truth is, each body is different, our goals our different and our constraints are different. Your plan will be different too. 

  • Those with an eating disorder, a history of disordered eating, or those that could easily slide into disordered eating patterns

  • Those who are looking for crash or quick-fix diets or want to be highly restrictive 

  • Those who don’t have the willingness to commit  to tracking their macros at least for a short period of time in order to understand where you accurately starting from

  • Those with an "all or nothing" mindset

A little bit about me.

Can I be totally honest? I'm OVER all the confusing information out there about nutrition. I've seen too many women over exercise and under eat, lose their joy around food or yo-yo too many times. I'm on a mission to help women eat more food and fuel their bodies well. 

So, I created Macros Made Right.


We could do all of these things in our twenties without seeing the repercussions to our metabolism, but now--not so much. It's time for real advice that you can implement over the long-haul. 


Over these 4 weeks I'll help you understand Macros and how to make them work for you. We'll implement sustainable changes when you're ready and we'll connect 1-on-1 to make this plan customized for you and your goals.

Are you ready?

  • What equipment do I need?
    You'll definitely need bands for this program! I recommend these mini-bands from Amazon. The fabric ones are extra durable, but I don't recommend them for upper body movements as they don't allow enough range of movement. If you have them, feel free to sub them in when your form can remain intact, otherwise, I don't recommend them.
  • What fitness levels is this group for?
    The workouts can be scaled to any level. I always offer modifications for complex movements or options to decrease intensity if needed. Expect to be challenged. Side note: if you are looking for progressive overload and hypertrophy training-this isn't the program for you. I recommend my build program that incorporates dumbbells and barbells into the mix. PS. I always preach, growing from where you are. Take the options that work best wherever you are starting from.
  • How long is each workout?
    Most workouts will range from 30-40 minutes. Bonus HIIT and Core workouts will max out 20 minutes.
  • I have more questions..
    Good! Shoot me a message at and we can chat!
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