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Want to lose weight and build muscle faster?

I've got a plan for you.

The cat is out of the bag: you don't have to spend hours working out to achieve your goals.


But, you do need a plan.


Many of us start by hitting the gym more. More cardio, all the classes, closing our rings.

And we still don't see changes. Sigh....

Some of us hire a personal trainer (which is great) but can cost you up to

$1,000 a month to get the plan you need. 

What about following a phased plan that works on building

strength, losing fat and increasing cardiovascular and muscular endurance

without spending hours in the gym?


In Your Corner is an online fitness community for women where I bring group training

workouts straight to you + your home for a fraction of the price of one-on-one training.

No more scrolling through google trying to find programs that might work for you or hitting every group fitness class on the schedule only to see no changes. Instead, you'll have a plan that's easy to follow and helps you maximize your workout time. 

Copy of Copy of Copy of Boxing Bootcamp
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Here's what you get:

  • 3+ Live Workouts Weekly

  • 200+ Prerecorded Workouts

  • 8-Week Goal Specific Programming

  • Nutrition + Fitness Education

  • Community of women to keep you accountable + cheer you on

A value of over $500, 

yours for $29 monthly

Doors close Monday January 10 +

Don't Reopen Again For 8 Weeks

It all started with a quarantine...

I never loved working out at home. As a long-time group fitness instructor, I build off the energy in the room. But when the gyms shut down in March I realized in order to stay accountable, I needed to pivot. I created In Your Corner out of necessity---for myself and our members. We needed a place to show up to every day and some consistency in the chaos. 

After 18 months, we've created a community of like-minded women who can show up "together," in our private Facebook community. But unlike attending traditional one-off classes at the gym, we can have a plan and a focus for our workouts.

In Your Corner delivers live and written workouts that build off of each other from
week to week--no matter what level you are at. 
No more 60 minute workouts just for the sake of 60 minute workout. 
No more hitting the same muscle groups back to back and creating overuse injuries and exhaustion. 

No more working out with no results.

Instead: shorter and more effective workouts, access to a coach and a community of women that support you far beyond your workout class. 

Here's what our members are saying about the workouts:

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Untitled design.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 3.55.45 PM.png

Get your spot for less than $1 per Day

  • What equipment do I need?
    You'll definitely need bands for this program! I recommend these mini-bands from Amazon. The fabric ones are extra durable, but I don't recommend them for upper body movements as they don't allow enough range of movement. If you have them, feel free to sub them in when your form can remain intact, otherwise, I don't recommend them.
  • What fitness levels is this group for?
    The workouts can be scaled to any level. I always offer modifications for complex movements or options to decrease intensity if needed. Expect to be challenged. Side note: if you are looking for progressive overload and hypertrophy training-this isn't the program for you. I recommend my build program that incorporates dumbbells and barbells into the mix. PS. I always preach, growing from where you are. Take the options that work best wherever you are starting from.
  • How long is each workout?
    Most workouts will range from 30-40 minutes. Bonus HIIT and Core workouts will max out 20 minutes.
  • I have more questions..
    Good! Shoot me a message at and we can chat!

If we haven't met yet, welcome. I'm Ashley.

I'm a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and nutrition coach. I've been a group fitness instructor for a combined total of 10 years and I was crushed in March of 202 when the gyms shut down. I missed the community, the energy and the accountability that group fitness brought to my life. So, I pivoted. I started hosting live zoom workouts and almost 2 years, our community has grown in numbers and in strength.

Even though life is getting back to a (new) normal, there are many of us who realize how much we can accomplish

at home with adequate programming.

And that's what I'm here for. 

I love efficient mixes of strength and cardio--because I know time is precious. I want to make that time work for you.

So, if you're looking for a community of women who are in your corner, we'd love to have you.

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