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Do you want to be sure you keep moving through the holidays?

It's that time of year again. Between holiday shopping, planning, hosting and remembering to move the elf every night, time is more precious than ever. As a mom of two, I get how crazy this time of year can be and how hard it can be to take time for yourself.

So, I put together the 12 Days of HIIT--mas challenge-----are you in?

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  • Video workouts delivered to you daily 

  • Every HIIT workout is 20 minutes or less

  • No equipment needed

  • Designed to keep you moving through the holidays even when time gets tight 

  • FREE to you + complete with PRIZES!

  • Starts Tuesday, Dec. 13

Here's what people say about my HIIT workouts:

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Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 1.26.27 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 11.17.06

If we haven't met yet, welcome. I'm Ashley.

I've been a fitness instructor and trainer for over 10 years and absolutely love my job and helping women get stronger. When the pandemic hit I was crushed. I missed the community, energy and accountability of being in the studio. So, I pivoted and started teaching classes via zoom. 

I realized quickly that there were a lot of us that were just looking for a plan and a community to keep us moving--we didn't necessarily need a gym. Especially in this busy holiday season, I thought it would be great to keep you moving with SHORT but INTENTIONAL workouts as we get to the holiday. 

I'd love to see you in the group and move with you! 

PS. you can expect bad holiday puns like this one in each workout.

You're welcome.


More details:

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