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Ready to follow a plan with simple equipment from absolutely anywhere? 

The 4-week Lean Body Bands Program is a complete exercise program that will help you stay accountable and build your muscular endurance, even in the busiest seasons of life.

> 3 foundational workouts each week

> Video demonstrations for each exercise

> Strength, metabolic conditioning + HIIT workouts

> 3 calendar options, based on your goals +

   time constraints

> Bonus workouts + resources


Click on the video below to get a quick sneak peek at the program:

Here's what people are saying:

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If we haven't met yet, welcome. I'm Ashley.

I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Nutrition Coach. My goal is to make fitness and nutrition NO BULLSHIT. Seriously.

I became a trainer and nutrition coach so that I could help women create efficient and effective training and nutrition plans that worked for their goals + constraints. 

No more workouts just to burn calories and close rings. And I'm not going to make you cut out ice cream or spicy margs forever.

That's why I created Lean Body Bands. I wanted this program to be achievable even in the busiest seasons of life. And as a mom and business owner, I definitely understand busy. 

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